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Head2Hire, founded in 2010, presents itself as a youthful, dynamic, and top-tier executive recruitment consultancy dedicated to delivering performance, quality, and long-term relationships with business partners. Our specialty lies in connecting job seekers with employers, catering to a diverse range of clients from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies in India.

As passionate HR consultants with a strong work ethic, we strive to find the ideal candidates for niche positions within our clients’ businesses, strengthening their overall operations.


Head2Hire was founded by a team of experienced recruiters, who were passionate about helping both job seekers and companies find their perfect match. It started as a small boutique firm in 2010, offering recruitment services to small businesses. As the firm gained a reputation for providing high-quality services, it started expanding it’s team to 10+ resources in 2011. It started attracting clients from across the country. The firm’s recruiters were known for their professionalism, dedication, and expertise in various industries.

Over time, Head2Hire became a leading recruitment firm, known for its exceptional service and ability to connect the right talent with the right companies. The firm was able to open up a new Business Development Department and hoped on Corporate Training & Development in 2014.

Despite its growth in the years, We’ve never lost sight of its mission to help people find meaningful employment and to help companies find the right employees. The firm’s success was rooted in its commitment to building long-term relationships with both its clients and candidates.


Company Established!


Team grew to 10+ resources


Team expanded to Corporate Training & Development


Team grew double to 25+ resources

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