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Talent Acquisition

Leadership Search

At Leadership Search, we have expertise in identifying exceptional and deeply committed CXO professionals who can cater to your diversity, equity, and inclusion requirements. Our extensive candidate database consists of individuals with verified credentials and comprehensive knowledge to seamlessly integrate into your company culture.

Permanent Staffing

We dedicate significant time and effort to comprehend your precise role specifications. By considering aspects such as cultural alignment, corporate mission and vision, philosophy, priorities, challenges, and goals, we can gain valuable insights into the position and the type of candidate you are seeking.

RPO Hiring

Our company functions as an extension of your HR department, working closely with you to provide a comprehensive hiring solution. We offer recruitment outsourcing services that can be delivered either on-site or off-site through a team of recruiters who work in conjunction with your talent acquisition team.

Pre & Post Employment Background Checks

We provide hassle-free packages that cater to the employee background screening requirements, including criminal and financial checks, for companies across all sectors. Additionally, we offer a range of supplementary checks that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry.

HR Advisory Services

Employee Attrition Analysis & Retention

We can serve as an external auditor to help you gain a deeper understanding of your employee turnover and offer valuable insights that can be leveraged for process improvements.

Resume Related Services

Our team of content editors and experts offer resume writing services to enhance your chances of getting noticed and securing a job quickly.

Learning & Development Services

Our services assist clients in developing Learning & Development programs that facilitate efficient training delivery. Our approach enables customized learning paths, administration of course catalogues, scheduling, evaluation and assessments as well as content development and sourcing.

Miscellaneous Services

We provide thorough salary benchmarking and pay review services for senior executive and operational positions. Our services include the provision of industry insights and trends that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.